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Dead weight is written by marc blake

Marc Blake is a screen and TV writer with many credits, from ITV's The SWAP (a two part drama which gained 9 million viewers) to Three best selling novels, Sunstroke, Bigtime and 24 karat Schmooze. He has written for Frankie Howerd and many other TV comedians as well as for Spitting Image, Punch and all the broadsheet newspapers.

As script editor and MD of the website he assesses up to 200 scripts a year (and has taught Catherine Tate and the writers of The Thick of It among others). He has written several books on sitcom and comedy writing, the most recent being How NOT to write Sitcom (A&C Black). His book 'Writing the Horror Movie is to be published by Bloomsbury/Continuum in the summer of 2013. He has recently also published a comic novel Monkey Puzzle for kindle Amazon and a YA Horror Mystery Spirit of the Blitz in 2013.

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